Easter SpecialEdit

# Title Writer Notes
N/A The Two Doctors Brandon C-Smith Reappearance of the First Doctor, the Master and the Cybermen

Regular SeriesEdit

# Title Writer Notes
1 Secret of the TARDIS Brandon C-Smith
2 Bounty of a Droid Brandon C-Smith Reappearance of X2-S5 and the Daleks. First Appearance of Blink.

Pt.1: The Order of Law

Pt.2: Alliance of the Daleks

Brandon C-Smith Reappearance of the Master, the Daleks and the Cybermen. First Appearance of the Venoms.



Brandon C-Smith
6 Golden Sun Brandon C-Smith

Pt.1: The Cataclysm Spaceship

Pt.2: The Doctor's Father

Brandon C-Smith Cameo of the Master.
9 Brandon C-Smith

Pt.1: The Master Plan

Pt.2: The End of Days

Brandon C-Smith

Reappearance of the Master, Gideon and the Timelords.

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