Christmas SpecialEdit

# Title Writer Notes
N/A Trial of a Timelord Brandon C-Smith

Regular SeriesEdit

# Title Writer Notes
1 Public Enemy Number One Brandon C-Smith First Appearance of Fern Cooper, Axel and the Grizock.
2 The Great Escape Brandon C-Smith First Appearance of the Androids.
3 Symphony of Destruction Brandon C-Smith

Pt.1: Hostage of the Daleks

Pt.2: The Time Plot

Brandon C-Smith Reappearance of the Daleks and Xizor. First Appearance of Lancelo.
6 Dark of the Moon Brandon C-Smith First Appearance of the Shadow.
7 Dinosaurs in Manhatten Brandon C-Smith

Pt.1: Revenge of the Raxi

Pt.2: The Last One

Brandon C-Smith

Reappearance of Malcolm, UNIT, the Raxi and the Cyber Commander.

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