Series 1 of Doctor Who was the series that ran between 18th May 2013 and 13th July 2013. This series starred Mark Hamill as the First Doctor and Ewan McGregor as Malcolm Jennings. The only writer for this series was Brandon C-Smith, who was working on this as a solo project.

Unlike normal Doctor Who series', this series consisted of 9 episodes, 4 less than the normal series, with two 2-parters. This series brought over old aliens and enemies from the original Doctor Who like the Timelords, Cybermen and Daleks, while creating new ones, aswell as reintroducing alien defence group UNIT.


This series introduced the First Doctor and his companion Malcolm Jennings. The main story arc for this series is the guilt the Doctor feels for causing his brother's death, and his deathly return. It also introduced the concept of regeneration in the series finale; Rise of the Master.


Primary CastEdit

Secondary CastEdit

Guest CastEdit


Televison StoriesEdit






Everything Changes

Brandon C-Smith

Pilot Episode, First Appearance of the First Doctor, Nestor and Gideon.


The Adventure Begins

Brandon C-Smith

First Appearance of Malcolm Jennings and Anubarelack


Shadows of Edinburgh Castle

Brandon C-Smith


Pt.1: The Barron Planet

Pt.2: Invasion of the Cybermen

Brandon C-Smith

First Appearance of the Cybermen and UNIT.


The Shining

Brandon C-Smith

First Appearance of the Daleks


The Corrupted World

Brandon C-Smith

First Appearance of Xizor and Zero


Pt.1: Lost Brothers

Pt.2: Rise of the Master

Brandon C-Smith

Reappearance of the Master (Nestor), UNIT and the Cybermen

Aliens and EnemiesEdit

  • Timelords
  • Raxi
  • Shabeth
  • Cybermen
  • Daleks
  • Macolari
  • Rizox

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